Educational Project

Alere is a children’s learning and holistic development center for children from 1 to 6 years old, based on the principles of Montessori Pedagogy and where we communicate in Spanish and English.


  • Offer an environment of joy, love and respect, where children can create, feel, think and BE FREE.
  • Contribute to the integral development of children, respecting their individual differences and their evolutionary moment.
  • Guide children to discovery the world and of themselves, to recognize their gifts and find their way.
  • Help children to grow up healthy and happy LEARNING WITH LIFE.


  • PSYCHOMOTOR DEVELOPMENT: body, movement, sensory development, practical life and autonomy.
  • COGNITIVE DEVELOPMENT: language (English-Spanish verbal communication), mathematics and cosmic life (from the Universe to Self and from Science to Art).
  • SOCIO-AFFECTIVE DEVELOPMENT: emotional self-regulation, security and group responsibility.
  • SPIRITUAL-SOUL DEVELOPMENT: gratitude, commitment, courage, trust, respect, equality, forgiveness, satisfaction, generosity, responsibility, cooperation, freedom, creativity, integrity and positive speech.


Based on the MONTESSORI METHOD, incorporating ideas from other lines of Active and Live Pedagogy: Pikler, Wild, Waldorf, Giner de los Rios, Dewey… And other tools like: Multiple intelligences, Coaching, NLP, Positive discipline, Psychomotricity, Yoga…


  • CONFIDENCE in the child’s innate curiosity to understand the world, develop their potential, adapt to and improve the environment.
  • FREEDOM OF ACTION playing freely and experimentation as a basic learning tool, according to their interests, rhythm and individual needs.
  • PREPARED, WARM, NATURAL AND STIMULATING ENVIRONMENT with materials structured by areas: practical life, sensory, language, mathematics and cosmic life (science and art).
  • CLEAR LIMITATIONS to respect the basic standards of coexistence, respecting other people’s space, living beings and materials.
  • THE TEACHER GUIDES AND ACCOMPANIES THE PROCESS, promotes autonomy, effort and creativity, and helps to resolve conflicts.
  • MIXED AGE GROUPS to favor imitation learning and cooperation: Toddlers (1-3 yaers old) and Preschool (3-6 years old).
  • SMALL GROUPS to favor this methodology and addressing individual needs.
  • TAKE CARE OF SENSITIVE PERIODS, in what children show special interest in a particular learning area.
  • DIRECT CONTACT WITH REALITY AND NATURE through outings and excursions.
  • RELATIONSHIP OF CONFIDENCE ALERE-FAMILY with initial interview, flexible adaptation period, daily welcoming and farewells, tutorials, parties and excursions, training workshops…


  • Evaluation based on observation and communication, listening to the needs of each child and their family, to recreate the environments and interventions every day.
  • Periodic and timely meetings with families to inform them about individual and group changes and propose lines of activities at home with children.
  • Monitoring of the vital development process of children when they move from Alere to other educational centers through the organization of workshops, camps and other activities.

“A child’s work is to Create the Person she/he will become”

María Montessori

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